Heber City Cemetery

Columbarium Niche Sales

A Sacred Meditative Space

Columbarium niches are now available for pre-sale to the community at a groundbreaking discount of 20%. Now through November 1, 2024.

Artists renderings by Lane Lythgoe, Lythgoe Design Group

Groundbreaking rates are available through November 1, 2024. Pricing includes opening / closing niches as well as standard engraving faceplate costs. Companion niches include a shared faceplate. Payment plans are available at no interest. Please contact Jody Summers for current availability.

Resident (20% Discount)Non ResidentResident CompanionNon-Resident Companions
Row A Value$1,600 $2,000$3,200$4,000
Row B Value$1,600 $2,000$3,200$4,000
Row C Value$1,600 $2,000$3,200$4,000
Row D Standard$1,920 $2,400$3,840$4,800
Row E Premium$2,240 $2,800$4,480$5,600
Row F Premium$2,240 $2,800$4,480$5,600
Row G Premium$2,240 $2,800$4,480$5,600
Row H Premium$2,240 $2,800$4,480$5,600
Row I Premium$2,240 $2,800$4,480$5,600
Row J Standard$1,920 $2,400$3,840$4,800
Row K Standard$1,920 $2,400$3,840$4,800
Row L Standard$1,920 $2,400$3,840$4,800

Companion niches include a shared Faceplate.


Artists renderings by Lane Lythgoe, Lythgoe Design Group